b. 1979. Wallingford, England.

We are bombarded by media and instructed by institutions prescribing what is good for us.  Through visual language, sociality and play I attempt to ‘disentangle’ from the Spectacle, even for a moment, and create a humorous protest about what it is to comply.  Through visual language, sociality and play, I explore possible futures that Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi says are already in our present, but which we are yet to uncover.  My ideas manifest through reiteration and obsession to create mixed and multi-media experiences, painting, drawing, conceptual installations and performance.  I am also the co-founder of the creative space Grow in Hackney Wick, where we collaborate with local artists to put on experiences motivated by common good, not for profit, in order to create conditions of authenticity and belonging'.

I am currently studying MA Fine Art at The CASS with tutor Bob & Roberta Smith and the MA Show "Other Worlds" is 8-16 September 2017 with a Private View on 7 September 6-9PM.





Emma Discovers Hintergedanken is an audio peice telling a story through free digital software. (c) Jordanna Greaves (2017