About Jordanna Greaves

I explore the oscillation between the discombobulation and pain of living in a neo-liberal spectacle; the attraction towards it and the craving for other possible futures which theorist and media activist, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi hypotheses are already in our present, but which we are yet to uncover.  My ideas manifest through reiteration and obsession to create sculptures, mixed and multi-media experiences, painting, drawing, conceptual installations and performance.  I am searching ways to share my concerns with hopes so we can connect with other though sociality, play and a new system of semiotics. Can we be free from the spectacle for one moment?

My practice also plays out as co-founder of the creative space Grow in Hackney Wick, where I design and curate events with local artists and musicians collaborate on experiences which generate conditions for creativity, authenticity, belonging and a more balanced sense of power. I am also part of DollyOlli Studios in Hackney Wick. @greavesjordanna

Artist CV

Lives and works in London, UK

MA Fine Art (Distinction) The Cass, London Metropolitan University

BSc Social Science – Psychology (2:1). Leeds Beckett University


Four legs good, two legs bad: Chinese Year Of The Pig, Elements Gallery London at Q-Park, Leicester Sq (10-16 February)

Nothing to Hear Here. An interactive and immersive installation in collaboration with UCL (24 April)
Collusion. Innovative and experimental spoken word and performance festival, Grow, Hackney Wick (12 April)
Planet Grow. Curation of DIY Art Market, Live performances and audio/visual installation, Grow Hackney (3 May)
DollyOlli Open Studios (26-17 January)

Other Worlds. The Cass MA Show, London (8-16 September)
<INSIDE OUT> Curated by Gavin Turk, part of Hackney WickED Open Studios. Here East, London (28-30 July)
The Image Obsession Question with The Essential School of Painting. Bob and Roberta Smith’s Studio, Ramsgate (23 May)
51%RememberHer, part of International Women's Day 2017. Tower Gallery, London (8 March - 8 April)
Passing Through, with Ali Bahreini. The Cass, London (2 February)

Is it about you? Is it about me? Is it about us? w/ Moé Sekiya. Part of Photomonth 2016. Darnley Gallery, London (3-28 October)
Hackney WickED Open Studios, Stour Space, London (29-30 July)


Grow, Hackney. Co-founder and curator of creative space. Hackney Wick, London

Your Work Here. Peabody Trust, Hackney Wick, London

Open House. Balfron Tower, London
Artist Connects Collective Occupation. Islington Arts Factory, London

Email: greavesjordanna@gmail.com

Jordanna Greaves - Alternative Personal Statement
Emma Discovers Hintergedanken (2017)