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b. 1979. Wallingford, England.

Forthcoming Show: 'Other Worlds' MA Show is 8-16 September 2017 with the Private View on 7 September 6-9PM.

We are bombarded by media and instructed by institutions prescribing what is good for us. Sometimes it’s clear our compliance leads to questionable outcomes, sometimes the instructions just tickle our ‘hintergedanken’; a German word described by philosopher Alan Watts to be the 'thought way in the back of your mind, something that you know deep down but can't admit'.

My work plays out my psychological response to being part of the neoliberal, post-truth Spectacle that is embedded in the institutionalised power system we live in.  If you unravel the anagrams you may have a moment of joy but ultimately it’s just another fabrication.  It is a critical analogy of our current political landscape.

I am not without hope.  I wonder; can empathy, friendship, community and fun created by participation and connection be enough to escape the Society of the Spectacle, even for a moment.  Can it help us become something new?

My work is a humorous protest about what it is to comply.   I explore the push-pull feelings created by the strong temptation to participate in the Spectacle, whilst simultaneously feeling that ‘something's not quite right’. In me, there is an oscillation between the discombobulation and pain of living in the Spectacle; the attraction towards it and the craving for another world.  

Through sociality, play and my own system of semiotics, I explore other possible futures that theorist and media activist, Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi hypotheses are already in our present, but which we are yet to uncover. 

My ideas manifest through reiteration and obsession to create mixed and multi-media experiences, painting, drawing, conceptual installations and performance. 

My practice is also played out as co-founder of the creative space Grow in Hackney Wick, where we collaborate with local artists and musicians to put on experiences motivated by the good of everyone, not for profit, in order to create conditions for authenticity, belonging and a more balanced power dynamic.

I am also part of an on-going collaborative project with Japanese artist and photographer, Moé Sekiya, on a project called ‘Is it about you? Is it about me? It is about us?’ Our work is created by suggestion, sharing, responding, imposing and reciprocating and explores the interchangeability of power and trust. 




Emma Discovers Hintergedanken is an audio peice telling a story through free digital software. (c) Jordanna Greaves (2017